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Resolution to modify identity verification processes in gaming sector

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On November 8, 2018, the new Resolution of modification of the user identity verification processes by the General Direction of Organization of the Game (DGOJ) was published in the Official State Gazette, which will come into force on March 30th, 2019.

This resolution is aligned with similar ones that are being implemented in other sectors in order to adopt measures that allow companies to Know Their Customers (KYC) and prevent money laundering (AML – Anti-Money Laundering).
Although it is true that the financial sector has been a pioneer in using technology to implement this type of measures, allowing a Digital Onboarding process to carry out a documentary verification of the client, KYC policies have become a fundamental and transversal tool to any industry, to combat illegal transactions in the field of international finance.

Therefore, the goal of this Resolution is to protect players minimizing as much as possible identity theft while reinforcing the policy of preventing money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the fight against fraud. For this purpose, operators will be obliged to verify the identity of the players.

As in the previous regulation, the process for correctly identifying users is modulated according to the effective degree of accreditation of your identity, divided into two steps:

  • Verification of identity (only the ID card number is required)
  • Documentary verification.

Up to now, the obligation to perform a document verification by the game operators had been done during the withdrawal step, but with the new regulations is intended to anticipate such document verification by establishing a deposit limit of € 150 for those players correctly identified (The DGOJ facilitates this service with the ID Card number) but pending document verification, also preventing the withdrawal of prizes until such verification of the Identity Document has been carried out. The status of these users will be considered “pending documentary verification” (PV).

New users Document Identification

Thus, from March 30, 2019, all players of new registration will be subject to this regulation and for this reason, they must perform a document verification in the registry. These users correctly identified by means of document verification will be able to deposit, participate in the games and make money withdrawals. The status of these users will be considered as active.

Documentary Verification of registered users prior to March 30, 2019

For those players with ID Card, a period of 9 months is established (until the end of the year approximately) to verify them in a documentary way, being their status until such verification of “Pending Document Verification”.

These players can be in two different situations:

  • The overall deposits from the beginning of the transitional period are less than € 150, so they can deposit money until reaching this limit to participate in games, but they can not withdraw the prizes obtained whatever their amount and nature until they have not been verified documentary.
  • The overall deposits from the beginning of the transitional period are superior to 150 €. In this case, although they will be able to participate in games, they will not be able to make any type of deposit or withdrawal until their document verification is completed.

Summary and conclusion

If after the publication of this Resolution, game operators want that their new users were able to deposit more than 150 € and let those players who have Deposits of more than € 150 to be able to deposit or withdraw, they need their ID Cards for this purpose. For withdrawals, document verification is still mandatory (as was prior to the publication of this new resolution).

For foreign players, document verification will always be required.

In the coming weeks, the DGOJ will publish a technical note to complement the forecasts established in this resolution, describing the different means and instruments currently existing and suitable for carrying out document verification and completing the catalogue of best practices to be developed by operators in the fight against fraud.

MobbScan: The perfect technology for Document Verification

Companies in the gaming sector are already using our technology for the document verification process, to be able to withdraw funds and to adapt to this new scenario.

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Furthermore, the MobbScan technology allows adding a facial biometric recognition module to verify that indeed, the person who presents the ID Card is its legitimate owner.

We offer a powerful, modular and flexible solution that will make any gaming operator comply with the requirements of the new regulation.

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