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The telecommunications industry faces many changes and challenges caused by digitalising processes previously performed face-to-face. Among the main dares, we find the fight against theft fraud or, more specifically, the battle against SIM Swapping. This attack has caused European data protection agencies such as the AEPD to impose million-dollar fines on telcos for failing to comply with data protection and to adequately protect their customers’ confidentiality and data

How can we assist you?

Comply with law

Protect your customers and comply with regulations in the telecommunications industry that seek to protect their data and privacy, avoiding millions of dollar fines.

Voice recognition in call centres

Identify your customers by their voice when they call customer service to be quickly attended to, saving time and costs.

Leave SIM Swapping behind

Verify your customers’ identity when registering and obtaining SIM cards or when they request duplicates, providing security and usability to the process.

Set up and activate SIM through biometrics

Our technology enables you to verify the identity of your customers when registering new SIM cards and even when registering prepaid SIM cards.

Optimise the signature of agreements

Digitalise the signature of work reports in installation processes, equipment deliveries, and maintenance tasks by technicians and enable new products to be contracted with a handwritten or voice biometric signature.

Secure OTPs with FIDO2

Allow your customers to authenticate by biometrics using their mobile devices, avoiding passwords and making the process more secure.

When all is advantageous…

High-quality experience

Thanks to our onboarding technology, customers can register on your platform through a simple and intuitive process.

global coverage

Our digital onboarding tool’s flexibility allows capturing any ID independent of country and language.

24/7 service

Sales digitalisation enables you to offer products anywhere and anytime, meeting your customers’ expectations.

Know your customers

Ensure trusting relationships with your customers when getting SIM and prepaid SIM.

Activate SIM cards online in an unattended way

The progress of regulations and the spread of digital channels have led Lebara to rely on our MobbScan solution to automatically verify its customers’ identity using AI and biometrics.

Download Lebara’s success story

Telecommunications brochure

Telecommunications companies use our identity verification technology to optimise their contracting processes for new products through Digital Onboarding, signature processes, and biometric authentication. Would you like to know more? Download our brochure!


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