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Verification of digital Identity

Avoid fraud and comply with regulations by providing a great user experience that allows you to verify the identity of your customers in seconds. Discover our digital onboarding solutions, electronic signature and biometric authentication.

Verification of digital identity

Avoid fraud and comply with regulations by providing a great user experience that allows you to verify the identity of your customers in seconds. Discover our digital onboarding solutions, electronic signature and biometric authentication.

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  Identify in seconds
  Digitalize your processes
  Scale your business
  Improve user experience

Knowing the real identity of your clients on the internet without the right technology can be very frustrating

eIDAS, KYC, AML, GDPR… don’t be overwhelmed!
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Don’t let regulatory compliance keep you awake. With our solutions you will be up to date with your regulatory obligations and you will sleep peacefully.

Stop wasting time and money

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Eliminate the cost of manual review during onboarding and digitalize your signature: saving time for what really matters.

Manual review is not scalable
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Automate the identity verification process and in just seconds you will allow your clients to enjoy your services.

Let no one fool you with a false identity
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Avoid fraud by detecting fake IDs and fake identities with facial recognition.

User Experience
Offer a “wow” experience to your customers

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Automatically capture images, autofill forms and forget passwords when identifying yourself with biometrics.

A digital identity you can trust

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Match the real identity of your client with his digital identity through their identity document and face.

We help you identify your customers quickly and safely

No one should suffer from fraud. We know how you feel and that is why we want to make the world a safer place, where you can carry out digital transactions with the same confidence as in person.

We have more than 12 years of experience with clients from multiple sectors in more than 30 countries and millions of verified identities. We have developed our own technology to be flexible and cover all your needs whatever your requirements, but above all we are passionate about our products and here to help.

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Identification solutions for each stage of the relationship with your customers

From the registration process, through the digital signature to authentication when necessary with any of our identity verification solutions

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Incorporate your new digital clients through our eKYC / AML digital onboarding technology in seconds, scanning an identity document and verifying the identity of the holder with facial biometrics.

Meet MobbScan
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Next, formalize your contractual relationship with the company with our advanced electronic signature solution:

  • Biometric signature (native or web)
  • Robust OTP / OTP / OTC signatures
Meet MobbSign
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And finally, authenticate your users every time they access your system or authorize a transaction with facial, voice, fingerprint or signature recognition.

Meet MobbID
Meet MobbScan
Meet MobbSign
Meet MobbID

Standards-proof technology

Our onboarding solution allows you to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and know your customer (KYC) while our digital signature is an advanced electronic signature in line with eIDAS regulations.

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We respect your privacy and that of your clients


The security of our systems and your information is vital to us.


Ecija Lawyers audit our technology to validate its compliance and integrity.

Differentiate yourself from your competition with technology your customers will love

Demonstrating that your company is up to date can make customers choose your services.

Rural Gest

Thanks to MobbScan we have made a step forward in MisterScan, our hotel Check-in tool. The efficiency and simplicity of their ID document recognition system is really amazing.

Arturo Díaz Delgado

CTO & Partner - Ruralgest - Ruralgest
logo coinscrap

With Mobbscan technology, we make user identification an amazingly quick and easy experience. Mobbeel’s involvement in the project has been very positive at all levels. A 100% recommended partner!

Oscar Barba Seara

CTO & Co-Founder - Coinscrap
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User identity verification is crucial in our industry because without it bottlenecks can be generated. Thanks to Mobbeel we have been able to gain in agility, thus improving our response times and being able to reassign the effort we used to dedicate to this task to other areas. Happy with the choice from day one!

Pau Maldonado

Operation Manager -
yobingo logo

KYC is very important in the gaming sector for regulatory reasons and with the integration of MobbScan, we have improved our users’ experience and customer service, saving a lot of time. Easy integration, with great support and results from the very first moment – it was a great decision to opt for Mobbeel’s solution!

Eduardo Miranda

Managing Director - Yobingo

Agility and Speed in management, Mobility of human resource technicians, Flexibility in the generation of documentation, Freedom to choose a device… I have run out of adjectives to praise MobbSign handwritten biometric electronic signature. Removing paper in our sector has meant the biggest qualitative leap ever!

Alejandro Echeverría

Business Development Manager - IDI Eikon

At SERHS Serveis we are constantly innovating our tools and digitalization processes. For that reason, we chose MobbSign, Mobbeel’s biometric signature technology, because it is the perfect complement to our solution. Fully integrated with our workflows, they also provide a great technical service

Víctor Camposo

Development Lead DOCUGestiona - SERHS Serveis

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