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AENA and Vueling enrol passengers' biometrics with our technology

Guia KYC

This innovative project integrates into a simple process all steps passenger carries out in the airport until boarding the plane without showing any ID document.

Download the AENA success history

Download the AENA success history

Enrol your identity
Check in with biometrics
Facial control
Automatic onboarding
How do we help Aena and Vueling?

To access the plane just using their face, passengers must register through the Aena app developed by Mobbeel, enter “the facial recognition” section and fill in a form. 

NFC capture technology

Capture ID documents or passports through technology, ensuring maximum security.

Verify if there is an individual behind

Verify that the person is who they say to be, thanks to our liveness detection technology.

No matter when and where

The process can be completed through the Aena App or the physical kiosks at the airport.

Applicable to all the steps

Optimise passenger flow processes, check-in, and boarding.

MobbScan: technology designed for your peace of mind
Your clients will benefit from the user experience you provide them. You will love the easy integration, its flexibility, and its power.