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Colegio Escribanos digitalises its signature with MobbSign

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The Colegio de Escribanos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires uses our biometric signature solution, MobbSign, to digitally sign in person.

Download Escribanos success story

Download Escribanos success story

   Verification extra layer
As on paper

How do we help the Colegio de Escribanos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires?

This project has transformed a conservative industry such as Notaries by getting them to go paperless and digitising the signing process through our biometric handwritten signature.

Wherever you want

The remote process provides total flexibility to perform procedures at any minute.

Legal compliance

Same validity that a handwritten signature on paper.

Sustainable process

The biometric signature allows the elimination of paper, contributing to a more sustainable planet.

MobbSign: technology designed to digitalise your signature
Stop storing and managing paper by digitising the handwritten signature.