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Public Sector

In the digital age, identity plays a crucial role in all aspects of modern life, including citizens’ access to public services and public safety. The need to ensure authenticity and security in administrative procedures has driven the development of innovative identity verification solutions in the public sector. The adoption of these solutions enhances efficiency and security in government processes and contributes to building an inclusive and trustworthy digital society.

Digital Identity in Public Administration, the Foundation of

The society of the future

verificación de identidad ciudadanos


Properly managing digital identity involves protecting privacy and personal information.
verificación de identidad en sector público

In today’s society, the stage extends beyond the streets, encompassing the digital world as well. Digital identity plays a vital role in the functionality of this new global reality. Therefore, ensuring digital identity is essential for carrying out digital processes with the same confidence as in person.

verificación de identidad en AAPP

“Technology is important, but the only thing that really matters is what we do with it.”

Muhammad Yunus

Identity verification in the public sector

Use Cases

Electoral process

Issuance of certificates and advanced electronic signature

Access control to public buildings

Employee hiring

Identification of citizens in public services

Documentation updating in the Administration

Verified citizens

Enhancement of participation

Remote voting

in elections in El Salvador

Discover a worldwide success story that has set a milestone in the advancement of democracy and citizen participation through the experience of elections in El Salvador.

With the simple presentation of a Unique Identity Document (DUI) and through a process of facial biometric verification, over 250,000 citizens residing abroad have been able to exercise their right to vote digitally and with legal coverage.

This remote voting system, seamlessly integrated into the electoral framework, responds to technological evolution, strengthens participatory commitment, and sets the trend towards the future of representative democracy.

When everything is beneficial…

Efficiency in management

Streamlines the processes of identification and verification of users, enabling more efficient management of public services and better citizen attention.

Secure remote access

Biometrics and document verification enable secure access to public services from any location, facilitating citizen participation and accessibility to government services.

Standardization and compliance

We comply with the EU Smart Borders Regulation (Entry/Exit System), and our video identification solution applied to Public Administration procedures has been certified by ENS/CPSTIC.

Cost reduction

Innovation leads to long-term cost reduction and more efficient use of public funds by eliminating unnecessary activities, automating repetitive tasks, and improving resource allocation.

dossier verificación de identidad en el sector público

Dossier for the Public Sector

Identity Verification in the Public Administration

The public sector already benefits from using our technology to verify the identity of both citizens and public employees, sign documents with biometrics, or identify users with biometric authentication.

Want to know more? Download our dossier!


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