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Solutions for the mobility industry 


  Solutions for the mobility industry

Car Dealers

Digitization of the contracts’ signing process contracts through the biometric signature in tablets and mobile devices.

Ride Sharing

Streamlines speed and user experience in the onboarding process for carsharing, motosharing, bicycle, electric scooter apps.

Car rental

Speed up the process of scanning driving and identity documents in offices and sign the rental contract with biometric signature on tablets.

Courier / Transports

Digitizes the signature of delivery notes with biometric signature and speeds up the process of selling loyalty cards with scanning of identity documents.

How do we help mobility industry?

The verification of a customer’s real identity as well as the verification of their ID documents acquires vital relevance in the mobility sector

Drivers’ Identity Verification

Meet KYC / AML regulations, comply with insurance companies and identify your customers in a secure and seamless way

ID Documents’ scan

Automatic capture of ID card and driver’s license in the Onboarding process while extracting all the information by OCR.

Biometric Authentication

Add a facial recognition step while registering in your App to automatically verify the user’s identity.

Signature digitalization

Whether you are signing a vehicle rental contract or a delivery note, our biometric signature allows you to digitize the process and get rid of paper.

  Our Solutions for MObility Industry

03Digital Onboarding with MobbScan

Discover how our KYC solution for Digital Onboarding works in your CarSharing App’s registration process!

03Digitize your sign with MobbSign

Sign a PDF document anywhere on your smartphone’s screen, streamline your processes and say goodbye to paper!

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