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Research, development and innovation 

Innovation is one of the major Mobbeel’s pillars since its birth. The development of so many different complex technologies is a great challenge within a highly competitive global market but also one of our main competitive advantages. Our R&D department is in charge of keeping the company in the forefront by researching and developing technologies to optimize biometrics identity verification processes.

    Fraud Detection

    We respond to the growing concern about the possible non-legitimate use of remote identity verification systems and processes, generating secure and reliable digital identities

    Biometric Security

    We apply the latest trends in artificial intelligence to achieve robust biometric technologies that meet all standards, minimising security threats

    Technology Transfer

    We participate in research projects and collaborate with other entities to generate knowledge flows and provide value to our clients and society in general.

    Quality and certified innovation


    Research Projects

    Identity Document Examination for Advanced Fraud detection and Information eXtraction(IDEAFIX)


    Thematic objective: OTI ‘Enhancing research, technological development and innovation’.

    Budget: 144,691.92 €.

    Beneficiary: Mobbeel Solutions SLL

    Location: Cáceres (Spain)

    Start date: December 2019

    Finish date: November 2021


    • Research into advanced techniques that make it possible to provide security and reliability to both attended and unattended digital sign-up processes, overcoming the constraints of this type of process and complying with regulations.
    • Take advantage of the latest advances in machine learning to go one step beyond the minimum conditions required by the players in the sector and provide innovative solutions.
    • To integrate into Mobbeel’s cutting-edge technologies enabling the necessary level of competitiveness to be maintained in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.
    • To promote research and innovation tasks in the company’s culture.
    • To allow the development of talent and make the organization attractive to specialized profiles through the creation of high added-value products.

    Project co-financed by the European Social Development Fund. A way of doing Europe.



    junta de extremadura

    SOCCER: Onboarding System through certificate video-conference

    Expedient: ITC-20161278

    The overall project goal is to develop a solution that allows a bank onboarding process in an unassisted way by certified video.

    The project will design the component architecture needed to integrate the elements to extract and process the video sources in the contact centre of the current onboarding process. It will investigate and create the necessary facial recognition algorithms, ID Documents necessary identification and authentication algorithms to identify the user with certified video and also the validation of all the components through the development of a mobile application and a WEB application.

    To carry out the project, a consortium structure led by the company Tecnocom Telecomunicaciones y Energía, S.A has been created. The other members of the consortium are Mobbeel Solutions S.L.L. and Quobis Networks S.L.U., contributing each one with their experience in their area of competence and professionalism.

    Project supported by the CDTI and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness within the framework of the 2016 call for the procedure for granting subsidies to promote regional cooperation in research and development (FEDER INNTERCONECTA Program).


    Robust Facial Verification Highly Scalable

    Expedient:  IDI-20200120

    The overall objective of this project is to conceptualize, design and develop a new generation of highly scalable, robust, and integrated expert facial identification system.

    This technology will be based on the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (deep learning) and Big Data, with the expectation of becoming a reference for identity verification systems based on facial analysis for uncontrolled environments.

    In order to carry out this, algorithms will be developed allowing the robust description of facial traits as well as their intercomparison for the location of identity matches.

    Likewise, the mechanisms of packaging and deployment in self-scalable and lightweight architectures will be developed to provide service to massive flows of requests. In order to achieve this overall goal, the project will address the achievement of five key technological objectives, in addition to the strategic business objectives that should enable the company to provide the sector with a new and innovative solution by expanding the portfolio of current products and services with a high added value.

    The technological challenge of this project will therefore be to overcome the current limitations of facial identity verification systems, making it possible in uncontrolled environments to carry out identifications in databases of hundreds of thousands of users while maintaining response times within commercial operating margins.




    Cloud Identity Verification Platform

    Expedient: 2016/05715/000526

    The project aims to create an online biometric authentication platform (Single Sign-On) in the cloud, based on MobbID technology, making the necessary adaptations required to the current product, as well as the necessary developments for the new architecture that will be necessary for this project.



    Expedient OP-19-0025-L1

    Support for the implementation of a programme to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in Extremadura. This aid is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, under Thematic Objective OT3 “Improving the competitiveness of SMEs”, for which it has been granted financial aid of EUR 4797.60. With the aim of developing a project —- IMPLEMENTATION AND CERTIFICATION NORM IDI – UNE 166002:2014 —-, intended to achieve —(It brings an added value of confidence in the activity of R+D+i of the company, improving its business image and its competitiveness. … – It generates more value for the organisation and the interested parties. – Recognition of the organisation in the market and in society)—.

    junta de extremadura


    Web Summit


    Future of Digital Onboarding


    Identity Week