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Facial biometric authentication

Identify your customers by analysing and comparing their face features with technology able to provide a fast and secure biometric face authentication experience. 



The key to solving your problems is in your face …

Queues at physical access

Individuals’ manual identification in airports, transport stations and public bodies is not optimal. Crowds queue up and hinder access control and security.


Weak authentication factors

Password authentication is a vulnerable method to log in to an account or a platform. Cybercriminals and access brokers have tools to steal something you have.


I do not know who my customers are

Knowing the customer’s identity is essential to ensure the security and protection of data and transactions; without this, there is an increased risk of fraud and identity theft.

Tedious identification methods

Complex identification processes cause frustration and time-wasting; it puts customers off and affects the online experience negatively. 

los rasgos faciales imprescindibles en el reconocimiento facial

Your face reflects your identity

Each person is different, and the same happens with their face. Facial proportions and expressions are unique features that define who you are. There is no better way to authenticate than with something that cannot be stolen or copied.

… and we can identify that

In a world with more than 6,000,000,000,000 different faces …

How can you prove that you are who you claim to be?

Proving it is easy if you have biometric technology developed with deep learning algorithms. Face detection algorithms can locate the region of the input image that contains the key information, overcoming limitations such as poor lighting and low resolution.







autenticación mediante biometría facial

… turn a problem into an advantage

Rapid, low-intrusive identification

Unlike other methods that require active user collaboration or specific hardware, facial analysis requires only a photo of the face to identify a person in seconds.

Robust identity

Facial modelling algorithms based on deep learning provide security, as it is difficult to reconstruct the original image generated by the feature vector.

Face-off with the fraud

We have spoofing attack detection systems that analyse incoming information to detect possible supplantation attacks.

Get the most of it

Facial biometric authentication has a direct security benefit and indirect benefits related to UX, adaptability, savings, and updating.

Pioneer project in Europe and a worldwide landmark

Aena and Vueling use Mobbeel‘s technology to enrol the biometrics of their passengers in one of the pilot projects most important of its rank in the world. It enables one to go through all controls, including baggage check-in, using facial biometrics.  

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