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The insurance industry’s digitalisation enables insurance companies to automate processes and speed up policy issuance and claims management with anti-fraud measures. Having identity verification solutions for the insurance industry is vital to adapt to an increasingly demanding regulatory environment, ensuring customer protection and providing a frictionless omnichannel experience.

Build and nurture digital relationships

In an increasingly digitised environment, a company’s level of digital maturity determines its ability to meet customer expectations. It means adopting AI verification technologies and advanced digital processes, such as digital onboarding, biometric signatures, and biometrics, to deliver a faster and smoother experience, building customer trust and confidence.

Deliver a unique experience, retaining more customers in less time.

identity verification for the insurance industry

Find out how voice is changing authentication in call centers. Watch the video for the insurance companies!

identity verification solutions for the insurance industry

How can we help you?

Identity verification in seconds

Automatic ID scanning and OCR data extraction to complete registration forms without typing errors and new policyholders onboarding.

Policyholder biometric authentication

Snappy and secure access to the customer’s private area with facial biometrics and liveness detection algorithms.

Biometric signature of documents

Allow digital signature of insurance policies and other papers without using paper.

User identification by voice in the call center

Prove a customer’s identity in 3 seconds with voice biometrics made for call centers and enhance the user experience.

When it is all about advantages…

Optimise onboarding experience

Simplify the policy and insurance acquiring process with a guided digital onboarding process with real-time results.

High levels of security

We apply anti-fraud measures in identity documents and anti-spoofing techniques to avoid identity theft.


Our identity verification solutions for the insurance industry fully comply with KYC, AML, GPDR, SEBPLAC, and eIDAS regulations.

reduce economic losses

Verify the identity of policyholders and avoid people claiming compensation for accident simulations.

In Santalucía my voice is my password

Santalucía allows customers to identify when calling their call centers to manage any incident through voice recognition, reducing time and saving on costs.

Download Santalucía’s success story
identity verification for the insurance industry

Insurance brochure

Insurance companies use our technology to optimise their acquiring processes for new products through Digital Onboarding, signature processes and biometric authentication. Would you like to know more? Download our brochure!


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