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  Verify Player Age, PLAYER identity and avoid fraud

Identity Verification Solutions for Gaming and Gambling Sectors. Thanks to Mobbeel’s technology, you can automatically undertake players’ identity verification ensuring age requirements through automatic ID documents scan.

At Mobbeel we have years of experience identifying and verifying the identity of users, and our technology allows to perform in a completely secure and convenient way such document verification, both in a web environment and in native applications (iOS, Android), completely integrated into the client’s platform and in its process flow.

  Solutions for gaming AND GAMBLING industry

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Meet kyc compliance and regulations

Ensure age and regulatory compliance while meeting national requirements with a fully automatic digital onboarding process.

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Automatically prevents fraud by detecting fake ID documents and catching identity fraud in cash withdrawals.


Improve review of documentation

Automate the process, making internal management more efficient and reducing operating costs.

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AutoFill forms automatically

Increase sing-up rates by autofilling forms during registration process, avoiding failures and improving the user experience.

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Fully integrable with the systems and company’s process flows. Flexible, customizable and integrable.

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Perform the digital onboarding process within your website registration flow without the need for mobile applications


Improve usability & Customer experience

Improve usability, efficiency and sign-up rates during the onboarding process, allowing automatic detection and capture of documents. 


Facial recognition matching

Make sure that players are who they say they are by performing biometric facial validation with liveness detection.

Eduardo Miranda

Managing Director

KYC is very important in the gaming sector for regulatory reasons and with the integration of MobbScan, we have improved our users’ experience and customer service saving a lot of time. Easy integration, with a great support and results from the very first moment – it was a great decision to opt for Mobbeel’s solution!

Pau Maldonado

Operation Manager

User’s identity verification is a crucial factor in our industry because it can generate bottlenecks. Thanks to Mobbeel we have been able to gain in agility, thus improving our response times and being able to reassign the efforts we used to dedicate to this task to other areas. Happy with the choice from day one!

yobingoEl KYC en el juego online es muy importante por motivos regulatorios y con la integración de Mobbeel hemos ahorrado mucho tiempo a nuestros gestores de atención al cliente, mejorando además la experiencia de los usuarios. Una sencilla integración, con un gran soporte y resultados desde el primer mom…

Eduardo Miranda

Managing Director

La verificación de identidad de un usuario es un punto crítico en nuestro sector, que puede generar cuellos de botella. Gracias a Mobbeel hemos podido ganar en agilidad, mejorando así nuestros tiempos de respuesta y pudiendo dedicar los esfuerzos que antes destinábamos a esta tarea a otras áreas. …

Pau Maldonado

Operation Manager

  gaming & GAMBLING brochure 

Identity Verification brochure for Gaming & Gambling Industry

Companies in the gaming and gambling industry are already using our technology for the document verification process, to be able to withdraw funds and to adapt their identity verification processes to this new scenario where is mandatory to meet KYC compliance.

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certificados une 166002

Mobbeel is certified as UNE 166002 compliant by Aenor