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Digitally activate your SIM card with Lebara 

Guia KYC

Regulatory developments have enabled Lebara to activate new SIM cards through fully automatic identity verification using Mobbeel’s Onboarding technology.


Download Lebara’s success story

Download Lebara’s success story

 Automatic activation
 Reduce customer service costs
Fraud detection

How does Mobbeel assist Lebara?

Mobbeel’s Digital Onboarding allows fully automated identity verification of their customers using AI and biometrics methods.

More scalable project

Increase margins and improve ROI. Give your profits a boost!

Comply with regulations

Forget about compliance issues by implementing our technology. Lebara already complies with German regulations. 

Technology at your disposal

Let your customers activate SIM cards whenever and wherever they want. Time and place will not be longer a barrier!

MobbScan: technology designed to make your life easier
Provide state-of-the-art technology to streamline your users’ processes.