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Financial Services

The integration of identity verification solutions in financial services is an indispensable part of modernising banking processes and adapting to a constantly evolving regulatory environment. The collection, analysis and validation of the customer’s digital identity is one of the most costly operational processes for a bank, and its simplification through a digital onboarding process with KYC verification and the electronic signature of the digital account opening agreement is crucial.

Identity verification solutions for banking and fintech

A safer financial industry

Simplify your processes, comply with AML regulations, and achieve high-security standards while providing an optimal user experience.

Join the digital identity revolution in the financial industry and take your business to the next level!

Ensure regulatory compliance

eIDAS, KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (anti-money laundering) and GDPR (biometric data protection) will never be a problem again. We will provide the legal guidance you need to comply with digital onboarding processes for banking and fintech.

SEPBLAC Compliance Technology

Our remote customer onboarding solution ensures the opening of bank accounts through attended and unattended video identification in full compliance with the demanding standards set by SEPBLAC.

Verify the identity of your customers

Experience the magic of verifying your customers’ identity in seconds with our digital onboarding. Discover how to avoid identity theft with secure biometrics and liveness detection and verify identity documents quickly.

Digital signature of documents

Optimises document management with electronic signature, streamlines face-to-face procedures and reduces the use of paper. Our digital signature solution for banking ensures integrity, authenticity and compliance with eIDAS regulations, facilitating an efficient transition to the digitalisation of processes.

Improve your conversion rate

Optimise the customer onboarding experience with a focus on delivering excellent service across all channels. Simplifies and streamlines the digital registration process, prioritising a seamless and efficient experience for an increasingly connected customer.

Biometric authentication

Enable your customers to access online banking biometrically, make secure PSD2-compliant electronic payments and further strengthen security with biometric voice authentication in call centres. Streamline password recovery through the use of biometrics.

Digital Currencies
Identity verification solutions for financial industry
Technology made for you

Our customer onboarding solution in banking has different modules adaptable to your use case and your company’s needs.


If your world is that of cryptocurrencies or trading

Take a look at our page about this sector

When all are advantages…

24/7 banking services

Biometric access allows transactions, account access, biometric payments and access to other digital services, removing geographical limitations.

Maximise security

We are experts in detecting digital document manipulation, presentation attack detection (PAD) and deepfakes for banking.

Operational efficiency

Our technology automates and simplifies internal processes, eliminating the dependence on physical documents.

Know your customer

Our KYC/AML process allows you to securely and confidently know who your customers are.

100% digital bank account opening

Banco Agrícola, a leader bank in El Salvador, recently launched Easy Account, the first 100% digital product that allows for the complete non-face-to-face opening of a bank account through the Mobile Banking App.

Download success story of Banco Agrícola

Financial Services Brochure

Identity verification in financial services dossier.

Companies in the sector are already using our technology for identity verification solutions for banking and fintech, including digital onboarding KYC/AML processes, as well as signature or biometric authentication processes. Want to learn more? Download our dossier!


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