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Guía Reconocimiento Facial Cover

Discover the world of facial recognition

Discover the facial recognition world with this interactive guide that will allow you to understand the ins and outs of a technology that has evolved a lot since its inception.

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Understanding KYC (Know your customers)

With this KYC guide, you will comprehend the relevance of knowing your customers and complying with legal requirements.


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FIDO 2 Guide

Find out how FIDO 2 compliance technology can help your authentication processes in online services, either in mobile or desktop environments.

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eIDAS Guide (Types of signatures)

Learn about the legal framework of electronic signatures in Europe and the different types in this guide.

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SIM Swapping Guide

Learn to fight against the fraud that duplicates the SIM card associated with a phone line to pose as the line´s owner.

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AML5 Guide (Identity verifications)

This AML5 guide will help you better understand what its implications are as a company and how it can affect your business.

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