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Voice biometric authentication

Smartly replace traditional authentication methods and offer your customers a secure authentication experience with something unique, personal and non-transferable: their voice.

Start by listening to what your customers are saying and leave behind …

Outdated passwords

Passwords and security questions are weak authentication methods that sophisticated fraudsters can easily replicate.



Never-ending identifications

Avoid complex authentication processes that damage customer perception of your company. Avoid knowledge-based call authentication and decrease average talk time (ATT).


Identity theft

Our technology distinguishes a live voice from a manipulated or recorded one. Therefore, agents can provide customised service with the conviction that the individual on the other side is not a fraud.


Multiple identification systems

With voice, a single sentence is enough to identify your customers. Implement a fast and secure identification system that does not give rise to confusion.


You are what your voice says about you

Voice is special and unique. It is an extension of the person that replaces something you know for something you are. Each customer´s voice is unique and depends on their anatomy and speech patterns.

Is there a better way to identify than with something that is part of you?

voice biometric authentication technology

1. Register your voice


Firstly, we need to register your voice to recognise it. To do this, you will be requested to provide a voice sample, which the system will analyse to create a template biometric.





2. Talk


At the moment of identification, you will asked to speak. It is the time when our software compares your voice with the previously registered one.



3. Identified!


Thanks to high-precision AI-based technology, voices are matched by verifying the speaker with just one sentence.



voice biometric authentication in call centers

Voice gets to be ready for everything

The technology does not depend on specific hardware and is applicable across multiple industries and use cases, such as optimising customer service in call centres, access control, or risk-free remote identification.

voice biometric authentication software

… turn a problem into an advantage

Enhanced user experience

Voice biometric authentication does not require physical data input or personal or sensitive data. Its ease of use gets better customer experience and satisfaction.

Happy Agents

Our authentication technology records a customer´s voice and considers it in following calls, making agents’ work efficient and less frustrating.

Fraud detection

Voice biometrics is a fast and frictionless authentication process. Implement robust technology that detects unauthorised access attacks!

Save time and staff

This kind of authentication relieves agents from having to identify customers, reducing waiting times and average call time. They will take more calls in less time without compromising the quality of service.

In Santalucía my voice is my password

Santalucía allows customers to identify when calling their call centres to manage any incident through voice biometric authentication, reducing time and saving on costs.

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