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Solutions for the tourism industry 


Solutions for tourism and travel industry


Speed up the check-in process at reception in hotels and apartments with our solutions for automatic scanning of ID documents and biometric signatures.

Tourist apartments

Allow online check-in in both a web environment and native apps verifying clients’ identity by scanning their ID documents and facial biometrics.

Booking Platforms

Include the technology to verify the identity of a hotel client by collecting their ID where required by the police.


Online Check-in verifying a user’s identity is nowadays easier than ever, capturing the passport or ID Card with a camera or reading the NFC chip when available.

Arturo Diaz
Thanks to MobbScan we have made a step forward in MisterScan, our hotel check-in tool. The efficiency and simplicity of their ID document recognition system is really amazing

Arturo Díaz Delgado

CTO & Partner

Multiple use cases and advantages

03Minimize booking abandonment rates

Thanks to the speed and ease of our automatic document scanning technology.

03Comply with legal regulation in a convenient way

Verify your customers when they check-in and store their identity documentation for later submission to the police (where applicable).

03Digitize the signature process

Remove paper when issuing invoices or signing orders by allowing signature on a tablet and digitize the entire process.

03Allow online check-in

Avoid queues at the hotel reception desk by allowing clients to check-in online and improve their customer experience.

Identity verification at online check-in

Our technology allows the scanning of ID documents and verification of the identity of the holder

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