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Banco Agrícola verifies its customers with Mobbeel’s digital onboarding

banco agricola digital onboarding


Opening a digital bank account in a matter of minutes is possible with “Cuenta Fácil” from Banco Agrícola. Users only need the DUI (Unique Identity Document) to start the online account opening process with our identity verification solution, MobbScan.

Download the Banco Agrícola success story

Download the Banco Agrícola success story

   100% Digital product
New channel opening
Know your customers

How do we help Banco Agrícola?

Our MobbScan solution has made possible to automate the identity verification of users who want to open a digital bank account

Whereever and whenever you want

The account opening process is remote, allowing the user to open a bank account at any time

Competitive advantage

The technology optimises and speeds up the process, gaining a real usability advantage over your competitors.

Security first

Facial biometrics adds extra layers of security to ensure 100% applicant´s identity.

MobbScan: technology designed for users

Fall in love with our technology and stay ahead of your competitors