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FIATC digitalises its hiring process with digital identity verification.

verificación de identidad digital FIATC


FIATC SEGUROS uses document capture to verify ID cards and optimize the identification processes of its customers in their digital channels when contracting a new product, thanks to MobbScan

Download Success Story of FIATC

Download Success Story of FIATC

    Simplified registration
 High level UX
  Expanded geographic coverage

How do we help FIATC?

Our MobbScan solution has enabled the automation of digital identity verification for users who want to acquire a new policy or other services from FIATC.

All for the customer

 Easy digital customer registration through a guided onboarding process and a seamless experience.

Guaranteed security

Anti-fraud document verification module capable of detecting ID forgery.

Scalable process for handling high volumes

Onboarding software tested by leading companies and hundreds of daily checks.

MobbScan: Cutting-edge technology designed to digitize the insurance sector
Optimize your remote registration processes while enhancing the user experience