Over the last few years, we are witnessing a growing market demand for solutions to Know Your Customer (KYC), both at onboarding as in the update or maintenance of old profiles. Since SEPBLAC (Spanish regulator against money laundering practices) authorized customers telematic registration in banking institutions via video-conference in February 2016, the sector is experiencing a momentum. Because of this, we need technologies that meet the requirements of an ongoing regulation that has just taken its first steps.

From Mobbeel’s Innovation Department we are aware of the major challenge stemming from contributing to technical solutions that match the present and future companies needs. Our main goal is to go far beyond the minimum conditions imposed by regulators. In order to achieve it, we offer a whole set of tools that allows to have a better customer knowledge and develop a digital identity on the basis of the ID cards that have accompanied us for years.

When proposing a digital onboarding process, at least the following premises must be met:

  • Validity: the ID card must be automatically detected and classified in order to ensure suitableness to carry on the registration process. If possible, the information contained therein should be validated.
  • Authenticity: it must be reliable ensured that the ID card used in the registry is an original one and has not been modified.
  • Property: the identity of the person who presents it must be verified and match with the one stated by the ID card.
  • Traceability: the overall process must be documented and also comply with the requirements of data protection regulation.

MobbScan implements a fully modular KYC solution that can be adapted to the needs of each company, fulfilling the objectives defined above thanks to the development of cutting-edge technologies and a continuous research and innovation work to respond to the challenges of an ever-change digital environment.

These are some of our main guidelines:

  • Used of advanced computer vision and digital image processing techniques in order to improve the acquisition of data from ID cards, adapting to the different environmental conditions of the process: illuminations, type of documents, quality of devices, platform origin…
  • Gradual implementation of deep learning in all our core processes, transferring the power of latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to the digital onboarding environment.
  • Harnessing of the know-how acquired by Mobbeel in its 9 years of history as pioneers in mobile environments biometrics to customer’s identity verification, opening up the possibility of adding additional stages in the registration processes such as multibiometric documents signature.
  • The contribution of a safe and traceable back-office solution, providing the option of adding remote management modules for the use of certificated video-conference in both attended and unattended registration processes.

Enabling previous points to turn into reality requires a great effort and investment in innovation tasks, something that is part of Mobbeel’s DNA since its foundation, betting on own technology development as a quality guarantee.

If you are interested in learning more about how MobbScan can help you in the registering of new customers or knowing more about those that are already part of your company, do not hesitate to contact our commercial department, we have the ideal solution for you.