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Trading and Cryprocurrencies

More and more people are investing online and using digital currencies. In order to address the growth in this sector, companies need to increase their security and, above all, be more efficient in offering a seamless user experience.

The need to verify customers’ identity in digital environments cuts across all types of industries and so it is with stock exchange products and crypto currencies. Our technology is fully compliant with KYC regulations, authenticates a customer through biometric recognition when making a transaction or formalizes their contractual relationship through our biometric signature. 

Benefit from knowing your customers

Prevent ID Fraud


Facial Recognition


Meet KYC compliance and 


Fully Integrable 

Comply with AML regulations 


Frictionless onboarding experience


Automate the ID verification process


Cloud & On premise 

  Recommended Solutions for Cryptocurrencies

03Biometric Identification with MobbID

Identify customers with biometric recognition when they make a transaction or login to your mobile application.

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03Automatic KYC/AML with MobbScan

Discover our KYC solution to automatically verify the identity of customers who register on your crypto-currency platform!

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03Digitize your signature with MobbSign

Sign a PDF document anywhere on your smartphone’s screen, streamline your processes and say goodbye to paper!

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Digital account opening

Let your customers open a digital account in a single session with Digital Onboarding technology. Create integrated experiences in your system with a simple and guiding process that reduces the dropout rate and increases the conversion rate.

Know more about this use case

Financial Sector brochure

Identity verification within the crypto industry

Companies in the financial sector are already using our technology for identity verification purposes: KYC/AML, digital onboarding, digital signature and biometric authentication.

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