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Escribanos de Buenos Aires use our digital signature

by | Mobbeel News

Colegio de Escribanos from Buenos Aires city (Argentina) has decided to take a step forward in the digitalisation of its processes in its commitment to add technological resources to the notarial activity and to meet the needs of society.

That is why on 27 May, the notaries of the City of Buenos Aires introduced biometric signature in its in-person processes to enable notaries and citizens to digitally sign documents through Tablets. 

This innovative system which meets the highest security standards, has resulted from the collaboration between El Colegio the Escribanos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and Novitech Argentina, Mobbeel’s local partner in Argentina.

Among other possibilities, the introduction of this technology makes the digital signing of legal documents with full legal validity possible.

Another benefit of Mobbeel’s digital electronic signature, Mobbsign, is the possibility to sign documents without needing to use paper, just touching the screen of a smartphone or Tablet, with the signatory’s handwritten signature.

Our signature technology is designed to assist the notarial industry and provide digital alternatives to traditional signature certification. This development arose in response to the isolation scenario required to prevent COVID-19 and the digital transformation of the industry.

With this new project, MobbSign gains ground in the international market, becoming a reference in companies and industries across Europe and Latin America.

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