The multi-biometric solution for mobile applications.

MobbId is a state-of-the-art multi-biometric security solution that reliably and securely verifies the identity of mobile phone users by using their unique features or in combination i.e. iris, voice, face, signature, hand geometry.

Choose your best-fit biometric method or combine them for greater security and user convenience.

  • Multibiometrics

    There is no single best biometric technology, they all have their pros and cons. Choosing the best one (or the best combination) depends on several factors: type of user and cultural environment, security level required for the application and even the specific situation where the authentication is being performed.


  • Multiple authentication factors

    The system allows an easy combination of biometric authentication factors (something only you are) combined with other factors: something only you know (PIN, password), something only you have (mobile phone, digital certificate) or even where you are (GPS, network location) intuitively and dramatically increasing the security level of the device.


  • Operation modes

    The biometric modules can work in both client-server or stand-alone mode depending on the requirements.

  • Platforms

    MobbID currently supports the leading platforms in the mobile industry, iOS and Android and is constantly evolving to incorporate new platforms.


  • Out-of-Band Authentication

    The system can also be used as an "out-of-band" authentication method for web users to avoid any kind of "man-in-the-middle" or "man-in-the-browser" attacks.

  • Transaction Signing

    MobbID is able to digitally sign transactions on a mobile device (using a digital certificate automatically assigned during the initial registration process) verifying their integrity once they get to the server.