BioWallet Signature

Biometric Mobile Security

BioWallet Signature is a biometric authentication system for the Android platform that identifies a user based on something that he/she is, rather than something that he/she knows or owns. In particular, this application supports handwritten signature based authentication. Biometric information is not stored on the device or sent outside of it, so your data will be safe even if your phone is lost or stolen. You can download it by scanning the QR-code, from Android Market or using the download link on this page.

You are the key

BioWallet Signature converts your mobile into a "safe wallet" where you can store all your sensitive information (passwords, conversations, videos, pictures,...). You can also use it as the safest way to access your preferred services (e-mail, bank accounts, linkedIn, facebook, twitter,...).

High Security

The information is encrypted using military grade security (AES 256 bits) and can only be decrypted using your handwritten signature. The encryption is even resistant to brute-force and dictionary based attacks because the internal keys used are generated at random and are of sufficient length to prevent against this type of attack.


The application interface is simple and intuitive, any user can make use of BioWallet Signature to secure data simply and effectively. Most common operations can be performed with a simple click.


The application allows the management of all your sensitive information in folders. The data can be tabbed as notes, credit cards, bank accounts, websites, email accounts, documents etc


BioWallet Signature includes a search engine, that can also be used from the Quick Search Box of your mobile, enabling a quick, simple and secure way to access your sensitive information.

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