MobbId is the most complete multi-biometric suite for mobile devices in the market


There is no single best biometric technology, they all have their pros and cons. Choosing the best one (or the best combination) depends on several factors: type of user and cultural environment, security level required for the application and even the specific situation where the authentication is being performed.





No need of dedicated hardware

It uses the standard buit-in sensors present in every smartphone or tablet. MobbID technology has been designed from the ground up to provide good accuracy and performance on mobile devices.

Operation modes

The biometric modules can work in both client-server or stand-alone mode depending on the requirements. Both modes work with the same accuracy level for all biometric modalities.







MobbID currently supports the leading platforms in the mobile industry, iOS and Android and is constantly evolving to incorporate new platforms. 



Fingerprint Recognition

Integration with Apple Touch ID and Samsung Fingerprint Scanner having the same interface for all biometric methods. Allows to use Samsung and Apple fingerprint recognition into own applications.